The Many Seasons of Colorado & Snow Virgins






Broaden the appeal of Colorado beyond it’s perception of being a winter-only, ski-only destination.



Create and implement an engaging consumer and media “Many Seasons of Colorado” event to showcase Colorado’s diverse, multi-season visitor experience. Develop and implement a high-energy “Snow Virgins” social media campaign to increase visitation amongst first timers.



An ROI of more than 20:1, garnered more than $4 million in advertising equivalency and more than 400 million media impressions. Feature segments and inclusions in such high profile outlets as: NBC Today Show, Fox Good Day New York, The Weather Channel, Associated Press, USA Today, and Late Night
with Jimmy Fallon.
 The “Snow Virgins” social campaign resulted in a 400 percent increase in social media referrals to, a 400 percent increase
in Facebook likes and a 100 percent increase in eCRM leads from Twitter.



           Chuck and team kept Colorado in front of the right people, at the right time and always with the right reason to be there. One of the biggest

           challenges for any consultancy is to lead its clients. This means building and shaping the working relationship to the point where their
           counsel is a trusted, sought after and valued voice. Chuck and his team have accomplished this level of trust – and we sincerely value
           their counsel.

                                                                                                                              — John Ricks, Associate Director, Colorado Tourism Office

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